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French (STD/GRADE 7)

10 weeks
All levels
9 lessons
0 quizzes
5 students


  1. Exercices (Read and answer these questions. Note that Answers are found to the next page ( 1 page daily))
  2. corrigés d'exercices (Answers to the above exercises)
  3. Conjugaison (Asssignment: ready and write down the verb to be (Etre) and to have (Avoir) in present, past and future tense)
  4. Grammaire (Read on page daily)
  5. les nombres, jours de la semaine, mois de l'année (To be read and copied in your exercise books)
  6. Song, Chant de Pepin Lili
  7. Conjugaison (Watch and repeat)
  8. Les Sons ,
  9. Phonetics and vocabulary (Read loudly 1 page daily then copy 5 Words + French Meanings)
  10. L'histoire (Read and summarize this French Story)

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