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French (STD/GRADE 6)

10 weeks
All levels
11 lessons
0 quizzes
5 students


  1. Alphabet et Vocabulaire grammaticale (read one 4 pages daily)
  2. Memo de son (Read and write down 5 words daily)
  3. Exercices (Do 1 page daily and find correction answer to the next page)
  4. Exercices corrigés (Correction answers to the above exercises)
  5. Grammaire (Read 1 page daily)
  6. Conjugaison (Conjugate the verb to to be (Etre) and to have(Avoir) in present tense)
  7. les nombres, jours de la semaine, mois de l'année
  8. Histoire, le gateau de Vinda
  9. Conjugaison (Watch and repeat)
  10. Vocabulaire (Read 10 daily + English meanings)
  11. L'histoire
  12. Read and summarize this French Story

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