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French (GRADE 5)

10 weeks
All levels
10 lessons
0 quizzes
8 students


  1. Pronoms possessives (To be read and copied in your exercise books)
  2. les nombres, météo, mois de l'année et jours de la semaine (Read loudly and focus on the spelling)
  3. Grammaire (Read one page daily)
  4. Vocabulaire (Read 2 pages daily and copy 5 words+English meaning)
  5. Conjugaison (Read one page daily)
  6. Histoire, Vidéo (Watch during your free time)
  7. Song: Il était un petit navire (Sing and memorize)
  8. Memo de sons (Assignment: Read page 1 to 4 then copy 5 words+English meaning)
  9. Conjugaison (Watch and repeat)
  10. L'histoire (Read and and summarize this French Story)

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