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French (GRADE 3)

10 weeks
All levels
11 lessons
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  1. days of the week (Assignment: Read the whole page then copy all months of the year ,days of the week and numbers)
  2. les sons et vocabulaires (Read 2 pages daily then copy 5 words from each)
  3. Conjugaison ((Conjugation)Read 1 page weekly)
  4. Grammaire (Grammar)
  5. Memo de sons (Read 1 page weekly by copying 5 words in your exercise book)
  6. Read loudly and copy in your exercise book
  7. Vidéo sur les nombres (Listen and repeat the numbers)
  8. Histoire de trois petits cochons; Vidéo (Watch and understand during your free time)
  9. Pronoms (Read and copy)
  10. Possessive adjectives (To be read and copied)
  11. Mon premier livre sur les fruits et legumes (Draw and name these fruits in French)
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